Introducing the biggest virtual pet Metaverse platform


What is MetaGochi?

Metagochi was created by taking our love of Tamagotchi’s and the Metaverse, and blending them together to create the biggest Tamagotchi based Metaverse token to launch on the Ethereum network!

Our team is assembled from successful real world app developers, as well as some of the most experienced individuals in DeFi, and we’re committed to making Metagochi the next big thing!

We have some huge plans in the works including a Metagochi Metaverse, where you can mint Metagochi NFT’s, participate in Metagochi training games to level up your NFT’s, and breed them to hatch baby Metagochi’s too!

Metagochi NFTs

We are creating Metagochi NFT’s where you will be able to mint your Metagochi to use in the Metagochi Metaverse – you can collect, train, and earn Metagochi eggs with your NFT.

Collect, Train, Earn

Collect your $MGCHI token you can use in the Metagochi Metaverse – you will also receive 4% reflection just by holding!

Participate in Metagochi training games to level up your NFT’s, you can breed them to hatch baby Metagochi’s too!

You can earn egg rewards to hatch unique Metagochi’s as well as items to be used in game.

The Metagochi Metaverse

The concept for the Metaverse may change as we progress through development, but ultimately we envision a full Metagochi Metaverse where you can train your Metagochi in order to have a stronger chance of winning the “Gochi Games” and earning rewards in the form of unique NFT eggs and items to be used in the game.

As we expand the development of the Metagochi Metaverse we will be creating an augmented reality metaverse where you will be able to train and interact with your Metagochi in the real world.

The Team

We have a core team of both real world app developers, and some of the most experienced individuals in DeFi with each member vetted carefully to ensure that they are fit for their role.

We have solid marketing, design, development, and community management departments with experienced team members using their own skill set to the fullest.

Our marketing team has solid relationships with all of the big names on Twitter and Telegram as well as contacts to ensure we hit our target audience on other social media platforms such as Reddit.

We will always be active on Twitter and Telegram for feedback, suggestions and ideas!


How to Buy

It only takes a few minutes to get yourself set up

Step 1

Download the MetaMask Chrome Extension or mobile app.

Setup your account & make sure you’re connected to the ethereum network.

Step 2

Use Coinbase / another exchange to purchase ETH and send it over to your MetaMask Wallet Address.

Or if you already have ETH, simply send it to your MetaMask Wallet.

Step 3

Head over to the Uniswap Exchange and swap your ETH for $MGCHI.

(if you already hold another token, you can swap that directly for $MGCHI too)

Step 4

Congratulations! You are now an Official MetaGochi Holder.

Join our Telegram to stay up to date with the teams announcements & progress.


A generous taxation system allows for the sustenance and security of the Token.

Initial Supply

(18 zeros)

Token Distribution

Liquidity: 99%
Dev / Marketing: 1%



Total Tax: 9% for Buys & Sells
Slippage: 11%


Reflections in $MGCHI to holders


Marketing & Development


Our roadmap is subject to change based on a variety of influential factors, be sure to check our Telegram and Twitter regularly to stay up to date.

Phase 1

Phase 2

Phase 3

Buy Now

Join the community.

We would like to extend a special shoutout to our MetaGochi fans for believing in this project and allowing us to get the ball rolling on something that is truly game changing in the DeFi space. We couldn’t do it without you guys which is why we put our investors at the forefront of every single thing that we do here.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you.